Haka No Hi (墓の火 / はかのき)

Haka No Hi (墓の火 / はかのき)

Translation: grave fire
Habitat: tombs, graveyards, and burial grounds

Appearance: Haka no hi are mysterious, supernatural fires, or kaika. They spout forth from the base of graves.

This creature is described as a strange type of fire spirit (like a human soul) which can be seen lingering around a small five storied pagoda which you can see in graveyards.

Origin: The cause of haka no hi is unknown. It is commonly believed to be a result of failure on the part of the grave’s owner to reach enlightenment and pass on to Nirvana. The flames are thought to be residual energy from worldly attachments, or else feelings of grudge or resentment, coming from the remains interred in the grave.

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