Haunted South: Moon River Brewing Company (Savannah, Georgia)

While Moon River Brewing Co. in Savannah, Ga., is a good place to relax and have a beer, it’s also rumored to be a good place to spot the supernatural.

The Brewing Co. opened in 1999 in the building that once housed The City Hotel, which was built in 1821 and closed in 1864. During its short time in operation, several deaths took place inside the hotel, and many believe the spirits of the deceased are still there today.

Staff and guests at the bar and restaurant have reported seeing bottles thrown on their own as well as felt an invisible force push them. Others say they have seen a glowing white apparition on the building’s upper floors.

Haunted South: St. Louis Cemetery (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Like a lot of ghost stories, the tale of Henry Vignes, who is said to haunt New Orleans’ St. Louis Cemetery, is a sad one.

Vignes, a sailor during the nineteenth century, trusted the wrong person with keeping his important documents, including the deeds to his family tomb, according to Ghost City Tours’ website.

The swindler sold the deeds and Vignes died before he could reclaim ownership. Instead of being placed in his family tomb, the sailor was buried in an unmarked grave in the St. Louis Cemetery.

Since his death, visitors of the cemetery have claimed to see Vignes looking for his grave. Some even say his ghost will approach the living and ask if they know where the Vignes tomb is. Others said his apparition can be heard saying “I need to rest!” as he wanders through the tombs.