My Schiz Life

My journey as a stranger rape survivor, alcohol & drug addiction survivor, cancer survivor and liver transplant recipient who has been diagnosed with Depressive Schizoaffective Disorder (A form of Schizophrenia plus Major Depression), PTSD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

I use Secular Zen Meditation (Zazen), studying food culture, ancient and medieval history, literature, mythology and folklore as positive coping mechanisms to distract my mind.

I’ve worked in a professional kitchen, but never for a long period of time and have never run a restaurant kitchen.  With that said I am a cook and not a chef, but more than a cook a culinary researcher/historian.  I thrive at researching food history and how a single ingredient is used in different ways with different supplemental ingredients in different regions.  The examples of this in the South are plentiful from grits, to cornbread, type of shrimp, type of fat, sweetener whether it’s honey, cane syrup or sorghum syrup.

I have recently intensified my studying of my ancestry which dates back to Norway on my father’s side. My mother’s side moved to North America relatively early fighting in the Revolutionary as well as Civil War.

~ Mark Beré Peterson


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