5 Types of Distorted Thinking

1. All or Nothing / Black and White / Polarized Thinking – thinking you’re good or bad, smart or dumb. Seeing a person as perfect or completely flawed. Not seeing the shades of gray of life, the middle ground.

2. Overgeneralization – When something goes wrong you assume everything will go wrong. Someone breaks up with you and you assume nobody will like you.

3. Focusing on  the Negative – You focus on the negative and you ignore the positive. You get 2 A’s, 2 B’s, and a D. Instead of focusing on the positives out obsess on the D.

4. Jumping to Conclusions / Mind Reading / Fortune Telling – You assume the worst. You think you can read minds. People are laughing and you assume it is about you.

5. Catastrophizing – You magnify the negative. You decide a small setback is a major catastrophe. You magnify your faults and ignore your achievements.

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