Mental Illness and Self-Harm / Self-Punishment

Mental Illness and Self-Harm / Self-Punishment

When you hear of mental illness and self-harm most people immediately jump to thoughts of cutting or burning. The simple fact though is there are so many other ways people punish themselves, punishing yourself day after day because you feel like you are deserving of that because you truly believe you need to be punished.

Self-punishment has a lot of shapes and forms. It can go from not taking an umbrella when it rains because you feel like you don’t deserve to be dry, writing 100 lines saying “I am worthless and the world is better without me,” not adjusting the thermostat when it’s freezing cold or overwhelmingly hot, or walking two more miles because your legs don’t ache enough yet. It’s choosing chocolate over vanilla because you prefer the vanilla one, or writing an essay by hand because typing would be easier. It’s not allowing yourself to sleep, or to take your medication or go for a relaxing walk. It’s putting yourself in dangerous situations but it’s also is not taking that shower because you feel like you are so incredibly undeserving of kindness towards yourself.

You are enough just the way you are, and you deserve help coping…

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