Youth in School Mental Health

More than 80% of children 6 to 17 years old diagnosed with mental health issues went untreated.

In an online survey, only 28% of 292 early childhood and elementary school teachers felt that they had the knowledge required to address the mental health needs of children.

In the same survey, 276 teachers reported on what they felt their schools’ mental health support lacked: adequate parent support programs (67%), prevention programs for students with externalizing behavior (62%), prevention programs for students with internalizing behavior (61%), and staff training and coaching (51%).


Kataoka SH, Zhang L, Wells KB. Unmet need for mental health care among U.S. children: variation by ethnicity and insurance status. Am J Psychiatry. 2002;159(9):1548-1555.

Reinke WM, Stormont M, Herman KC, Puri R, Goel N. Supporting children’s mental health in schools: teacher perceptions of needs, roles, and barriers. Sch Psychol Q. 2011;26(1):1-13. 3

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