Project Semicolon

I love Project Semicolon and these Semicolon Butterfly tattoos are amazingly beautiful:

A growing movement is using the semicolon, and in particular a semicolon tattoo, as a symbol of hope for people with mental illness. The Project Semicolon describes the meaning behind the symbol:

“A semicolon represents a sentence the author could have ended, but chose not to. The sentence is your life and the author is you.”

It represents a choice to live on especially for those who may have considered ending their lives.

The project has inspired many people to tattoo or draw the symbol in creative ways to symbolize their own struggles or to honor or support loved ones who have struggled. The project encourages people to use social media to promote the message and continue the conversation, sharing pictures and stories of hope and strength to help end the stigma of mental illness and encourage those who are struggling feel safe and comfortable enough to reach out for help.

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