Hoshizora Kiseki (星空キセキ)

A good, but not great anime short film released in Japan over the Internet.

Kozue loves to stargaze and does so regularly. On a trip to view a meteorite, she happens to meet a boy named Ginga. He has a mysterious ability to discover more information about the stars, which he uses to help scientists with astronomical research. Unfortunately, his life is mostly dictated for him, and when carrying out missions, he must always wear a protective suit. Kozue helps Ginga to gradually take control of his life by encouraging him to make his own decisions.

Japanese Title: 星空キセキ(Literally Starry-Sky Miracle)

Rating: NR

Genre: Animation, Sci-Fi, Romance, Short

Directed By: Akio Watanabe, Toshikazu Matsubara

WrittenBy: Akio Watanabe, Kouichirou Itou, Toshikazu Matsubara

Country: Japan

Language: Japanese (Subtitled in English)

Release Date: June 21st, 2006 (Japan), May 10th, 2011 (USA)

Runtime: 27 minutes

Main Characters:

Ginga. (銀河)

A boy who has the ability to discover more information about stars. His life is controlled by scientist who wish to take advantage of his ability.

Kozue (こずえ)

A school girl who enjoys looking at the stars.

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