Foundational Principles For The Application Of Magical Herbs

Magical herbs could be called the gateway drug to potions and alchemy, but they are so much more than that and a specialization of their own right. Here we’ll cover some of the more common magical herbs, and their applications when utilized by a skilled hand.

Herbs to be carried or placed in the house (over doors, windows, etc.) should be made into sachets. A sachet is a small bag or piece of cloth in which herbs are contained. In voodoo magic this is often called a “charm bag” or “root bag.”

This is also known as the voodoo doll, although it has been in magical use at least 4,000 years and was only lately associated with voodoo. Though they have been made out of roots, potatoes, lead, bark, paper, and other materials, in magical herbalism poppets are usually fashioned of cloth and herbs. The poppet is a doll made to represent the person to be aided through magic.

The infusion is the origin of the potion so identified with Witches. It is simply a process of soaking herbs in hot water. Use no metal pots when boiling water or during the steeping process, for they interfere with the herb’s powers. Keep the liquid covered during infusion so that little steam is lost.

Baths are often used in herb magic, for they are an easy way to spread an herb’s power over the entire body. There are two methods; one, make a sachet (use about one-half to one cup of the appropriate enchanted herb) of cheesecloth. Drop this into the warm bath water. A better method entails the preparation of an infusion (see above). Add the strained liquid to the tub.

An old form of herb magic as well as medicine, an ointment is simply any fatty substance to which powdered herbs and/or oils have been added. To a cup of shortening or lard, add three tablespoons of the enchanted, powdered herb(s). Pound or mash them together while visualizing until well-mixed, then place in an airtight container to store.

Essential oils are used in numerous ways. They are worn on the body, rubbed onto candles, dabbed onto sachets and poppets, added to baths, burned on charcoal blocks, and smeared onto roots.

Basically, an incense is any combination of plant materials, perhaps combined with essential oils and a base, which are mixed together and burned or smoldered on charcoal. This type of incense is known as raw or granular. It is usually used in magic, rather than the stick or cone forms.

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