Cambia – Louisa, Virginia

We are forming an egalitarian and income-sharing community. We are co-creating a culture of social sustainability and harmony that nourishes us as well as the earth.

“whatever makes a house into a home
makes a game into play
and makes culture come to life.
but home, play and culture,
strain to grow without a structure.”

Established: 2015

Shared Income: All or Close to All

Mission Statement: We aspire for a small and stable community with a high level of sharing and connection. We are inspired by the nature around us as we attempt to create human habitat that emulates the beauty and complexity of living systems. We seek to intertwine reason and intuition, aesthetics and efficiency. We are interested in increasing our skills and education through experience, mentorship, sharing and study, and growing as individuals. Within a thriving cluster of neighboring income sharing communities, we are creating a viable, regenerative alternative to the mainstream. We intend to strengthen the relationships between existing communities.

Community Description: We are forming an egalitarian and income sharing community. We are co-creating a culture of social sustainability and harmony that nourishes us as well as the earth. We focus on re-humanizing the scale of our lives. We do that with slower pace, balance in our lives, deep social connection, natural building, education, creativity, and intuitive structure to our time and space. While we are focused on interpersonal and cultural aspects of our community, we are interested in building small, beautiful, natural housing, doing our best to be ecologically conscious, using new and old technologies, and upholding values of minimalism. We want to continually learn about what works in community and do our best to integrate our lessons into our lifestyle. We are planning educational programs in subjects including experiential natural building workshops, off grid technologies, crafts, and nature awareness. We are working on understanding what makes communities thrive through sociological research.

Setting: Cambia is nestled within 15 acres, with about 5 of which is mostly a thicket of young scrubby vegetation and about 10 acres of mature (80 year old or so) forest. we have a small old house (over 100 years old) that we are restoring and currently using as our common house, it has our kitchen and living room and two bedrooms.

Personal dwellings are small and modest. We have a garden shed that’s converted to a duplex, a cozy sailboat with a deck, a fantastic vintage air stream trailer that’s completely remodeled inside, and a building that we built which we call “the barn” (due to lack of better names) which has a workshop, guest space, residence, and a sacred space for gathering and meditation.

Daily Schedule

7:30: Optional meditation, morning quiet time, breakfast.
9am: Coordination meeting 
9:15: Priority Projects at Cambia and income work
1pm: Lunch
2pm: Personal and greater awesomeness projects
6:30pm: Dinner
8:30pm: Shared evening activities (3 or 4 days/week including writing group, cuddle puddles, listening to audiobooks, heart circle ceremony, singing)

Saturdays are our day off.


  • Buddhist
  • Jewish
  • Paganism or Earth Religions
  • Atheist

One thought on “Cambia – Louisa, Virginia

  1. hiking 5 miles per day through the wild of virgini on a virtual trip of course because im condemed to grow old and unwise in brevard county Fl. after my stop at NE Reservoir Creek i hiked down Shannon Hill Rd and fell into this weird but exotic place i felt no longer existed in the New World. Condemed by the Far R. till eternity i saw something where you are as i am somewhat of a pagen actor myself in title for no other word shall i fit. But dear friends, do stay strong and true, keep in good faith the earth and heaven god protect us all.

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