Color Magic

Color Magic

Essential oils are used in anointing oil blends, and candles are frequently anointed in botanical magic. Here’s a cheat sheet of what all the different colored candles signify:

Red—passion, fertility, enthusiasm, conquering fear, bravery, fast action

Magenta—fuel for immediate action, enhances other colors, adds speed to magic

Pink—gentle romance, friendship, honor, harmony, heart relationships, family

Peach—quiet emotions of joy, strength, peace, truth

Orange—adaptability, success, encouragement, uplifting, thoughtful

Yellow—success, thought, will, intent

Green—prosperity, fast money, healing past lives (use with brown for stable financial resources)

Blue—spiritual and physical healing, wisdom, balance, trust, tranquility

Purple—intuition, the Divine, guidance, power, ambition, prophetic dreams

Black—banishing, hex breaking, breaking bad habits

White—spiritual enlightenment, cancel magical aims, stalemate, purity, neutral (all-purpose), serenity

Brown—stability, material wealth (physical goods, real estate), decision making, emotional balance, professional growth

Gray—neutrality, can be used to cause confusion in an enemy if hexes are directed your way, self-defense, neutralizing harmful energies

Gold—the God, fast luck, success, intelligence, solar influence

Silver—the Goddess, resolve inner conflict, persistence, remove negativity

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