Jacksonville, Florida Pagan Shops

Earth Gifts
Serving the Jacksonville Alternative & Spiritual communities since 1994!
1951 Stimson St
Jacksonville, FL 32210
(904) 389-3690

The Triskele Cove
Located in the Avenues Mall and the Orange Park Mall
We are a multicultural metaphysical store that focuses on promoting acceptance and equality while honoring the beauty of all different spiritual traditions. We are located inside of the Avenues and Orange Park malls.

Mystic Card
312 8th St W
Jacksonville, FL 32206
Find what may be waiting for you! We sell crystals, incense, jewelry, tarot cards, and more! We also do tarot readings.

Maggie’s Herb Farm
11400 County Road 13
St Augustine, FL
We are a Licensed Nursery
Established in 1983, Maggie’s Herb Farm now cultivates more than 200 species of herbs, succulents, vegetables, and flowering perennials. They host herbal classes throughout the year, so check out their calendar or call to schedule a class for your group! If the farm is a little out of reach, you can visit them at the Riverside Arts Market in Jacksonville, FL on Saturdays.
****We might be closed due to an unexpected emergency, so to avoid disappointment, please telephone 904-829-0722 before leaving on your journey.****

Midnight Sun
1055 Park St
Jacksonville, Fl 32204
904 358-3869
Midnight Sun is a retail store that specializes in unique handmade gift items from around the world. We have been in business for over 11 years, and are located in a historical district known as Five Points – Jacksonville, Florida.
In our shop we sell a wide variety of Sterling silver and gemstone jewelry; clothing – skirts, dresses, shoes, sarongs, yoga ware, furniture, wall and floor coverings, picture frames, photo albums, lanterns, natural body care, music, and incense. We hand select our products which are handmade and imported from a variety of countries. Our silver – gemstone and deity jewelry, clothing, and accessories come from Nepal, India, and Thailand. Most of our home furnishings we import from Bali, Indonesia.
For more information, please visit www.themidnightsun.net

Botanica El Monte Santo
1316 Cesery Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32211
Botanica El Monte Santo, has all spiritual products to help bring, peace, love, strength and luck in a persons life. They carry a diverse variety of items ranging from candles to religious imagery as well as homemade products such as soaps, perfumes, baths, charms, and powders to bring love and money. Also, they offer consultations services to those seeking advice and help.

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