Goblin Microgame

Microgames were a phenomenon of especially the 1970’s and early 1980’s. Goblin was released by the long defunct Dwarfstar Heritage games.

The Goblin King pondered. His goblins were restless. The recent raids had cost lives and produced little plunder, and now there was talk in the caves of installing a new King.

The fortified Monastery! There was plunder aplenty there, but since the last raid, the countryside had been crawling with the human Baron’s mounted troops. In a week they would be gone, but in a week, he might no longer be King . . .

And so the gibbering hordes once again streamed from their mountain caves, and there rang once more through the valley the alarm feared by all the human inhabitants, the dreaded cry of “Goblin!”

Goblin is a fantasy game of raiding and plunder for two players. Each player takes a turn at playing the Goblin King, leading raiders into the peaceful valley, pillaging and burning. The other player maneuvers the farmers and the Baron’s troops in a desperate attempt to stave off the raids. The player who amasses the greatest amount of plunder as Goblin King, before being killed in battle or deposed by his own goblins, is the winner. Goblin is a light-hearted, free-wheeling game with surprisingly subtle strategy.

Goblin contains — a full-color 12″x14″ mapboard, 154 full-color counters, a gaming die, and complete instruction book.

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