Faerie Classifications

According to most Fae legends, there are two types of Fae: Trooping faeries and Solitary faeries.

It’s smart to familiarize yourself with the many types of Fae and research the ones you prefer to work with. Always cross-reference books, videos, or your research materials!

Trooping Faeries:

Trooping faeries usually travel in large groups and are recognized for dancing, partying, and throwing exciting festivities and fairs.

Most of the legends about Trooping faeries describe them as fun-loving and always looking for lighthearted entertainment.

Trooping faeries are typically a part of the Seelie Court and are mostly occupied with their community and peaceful society, including royalty and high society.

Solitary Faeries:

Some faeries exist entirely on their own and are referred to as Solitary faeries. Many stories of lone faeries portray them as quickly vanishing around boulders or appearing to evaporate into thin air. Solitary Fae are often less interested in human affairs.

Solitary Fae are often seen less frequently and are believed to be keepers of wisdom and knowledge. They live in caverns, pits, marshes, and ditches and are mostly hidden. Solitary Fae are only noticed by humans if they are intentionally enticed into peril or when the Fae were unknowingly observed by a passerby.

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