Grav Armor Microgame

Microgames were a phenomenon of especially the 1970’s and early 1980’s. Grav Armor was released by the long defunct Dwarfstar Heritage games in 1982.

High-speed, high casualty combat between streaking gravitic armored vehicles!

In the 31st century, the silence is deafening as the tanks sweep into action on noiseless gravitic drives. Heavy armored vehicles streak through the stratosphere at supersonic speeds, dropping into the battlezone to support power-armored infantry with their gatling lasers. Medium grav tanks skim the ground at 500 kph, hurling mag-bolts at concealed targets 50 km distant. Here and there, light grav-tanks leave their covering terrain to pop up into the air, discharging their deadly particle beams at the advancing troopers, their multi-barrel phalanx turrets spraying the air with small projectiles to foil incoming missiles.

This is the warfare of the future. This is Grav Armor!

Grav Armor is a fast-moving game of future armored warfare for 2 players. It realistically simulates the high-speed, high casualty combat between streaking gravitic vehicles, surface-effects craft, supersonic fighters, orbital dropships and power-suited infantry. The modular map sections allow scenarios to be played on radically different types of planets (earthlike, molten, frozen or airless).

Grav Armor contains — Six 4″x7″ full-color map modules, 154 full-color counters, two dice, and complete rules booklet with 5 scenarios.

PLAY LEVEL – Introductory/Intermediate

  • 2–3 Players
  • 60 Min Playing Time
  • Age: 12+

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