Outpost Gamma Microgame

Microgames were a phenomenon of especially the 1970’s and early 1980’s. Outpost Gamma was released by the long defunct Dwarfstar Heritage games in 1982.

Rorke’s Drift in space – ten Imperial troopers stand against hundreds of attackers.


On a colonial world of the far future, ten hard-pressed Imperial troopers in mobile battle armor desperately defend their base against mass assaults by hundreds of primitive alien natives, rushing to attack under the cover of violent energy storms. The imperial troopers have the latest in advanced weaponry, high-mobility pulsor units in their armor, and the support of two heavy-weapons specialists. But the native Irdans have sheer numbers, unwavering courage, and their greatest ally — the hostile environment of their home planet . . .

Against odds of 50 to 1, will sophisticated technology be enough to save the beleaguered garrison at Outpost Gamma?

Outpost Gamma is a game of science fiction combat for two players. With its unpredictable storms and fast-playing combat system, Outpost Gamma captures the tension and rapid-fire action of high versus low-technology combat in a hostile environment. 

Outpost Gamma contains — a full-color 12″x 14″ mapboard, 154 full-color counters, a die, and rules booklet.

GAME LEVEL – Introductory/Intermediate

  • 2 Players
  • 120 Min Playing Time
  • Age: 12+

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