Tarot: The Moon

Alternative Names: Illusion, Luna

Number: XVIII

Astrological Sign or Planet: Pisces, the fish

Element: Water

General Meaning: Hidden problems

Chakra: Third eye, for intuition

Key Meanings: Illusions, Dreams, and Crisis

Key Message: Be guided by messages from your unconscious.

Tarot: The Star

Alternative Names: Hope, The Stars

Number: XVII

Astrological Sign or Planet: Aquarius, the water carrier

Element: Air

General Meaning: Hope

Chakra: Higher Heart, for universal love

Key Meanings: Hope, guidance, inspiration, and creativity

Key Message: Be inspired, dreams come true

Tarot: Temperance

Alternative Names: Art

Number: XIV

Astrological Sign or Planet: Sagittarius, the archer

Element: Fire

General Meaning: Patience

Chakra: Solar plexus, for personal power

Key Meanings: Moderation, reconciliation, healing, and angelic guidance

Key Message: You are guided to find peace.

Tarot: Death

Alternative Names: Mortality, Transformation, Thirteen

Number: XIII

Astrological Sign or Planet: Scorpio, the scorpion

Element: Water

General Meaning: Decline and rebirth

Chakra: Alta Major, for the past and past lives

Key Meanings: Transformation and change

Key Message: Swift change brings new beginnings.