The Summer Rain In Her Hair: A Sestina

The summer rain shines gently in your dark hair,
Droplets rest quietly upon your warm face,
A smile crosses my face, as you touch my hand,
I gaze long at you, becoming lost in your eyes,
I sit listening, while you tell me of your world,
I remain content, gazing at you, my love.

I think of the moment that I realized my love,
As you slowly run your hands through my hair,
I hope to introduce you to my world
I stand, looking straight at you face-to-face,
Brushing the hair away from your eyes,
A smile crosses my face, I wipe the sweat from my hand.

I still feel that same joy walking, when you hold my hand,
Acknowledging the fact you are still in love,
I notice the glimmer not lost from your eyes,
The one when you gave bathed, that remains in your hair,
It complements the tone of color in your face,
Which begs me to penetrate deep into your world.

I want nothing more than has been given in this world,
While I silently caress your sweet hand,
I notice the deep color of your face,
Knowing that I have not misplaced my heart’s love,
Learning each inch of your face and each hair,
But always returning to the life in your eyes.

The doorway to your heart rests open in those eyes,
I am an explorer of a whole new world,
Deeply in love with your stark dark hair,
As you return your grip on my hand,
I search my thoughts for my ideal love,
The image presented in my mind is your face.

The gloom filled night fades to reveal your dream-face,
Placing my heart deep in those eyes,
Smiling at you, my one and only true love,
Ending a day in the life of my world,
Wrapping my arms around you, holding your hand,
Placing my head at the edge of your hair.

I embrace those eyes, that are you my love,
Our thoughts converge, I run my hand through your hair,
A smile crosses my face, you are a part of my world.

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