A Few Lines

A Few Lines

A sigh, a breath, trying to sleep,

I stare into the darkness of my room, of my mind.

Thoughts and images penetrate my consciousness,

Moments, images, memories of the night I just lived.

Our conversation a few hours old,

Courses through my mind. My skin burns.

As my heart races buried within my chest.

What is this sensation m this feeling?

Which consumes me.

Conjuring thoughts, conjuring memories,

Things I hold dear, things I despise.

I open my eyes unable to sleep,

Things will make sense in the morning.

My mind has become flooded,

A scent, a whisper, a touch.

Drowning in moments from the past, the present,

The possibilities that lie before me.

Our conversation resurfaces, you and I,

As I futilely try to sleep.

Enough, I cry out,

My eyes clenched shut.

The tender touch of your fingers touching my cheek,

Supersedes the eternal darkness, the immortal nightmare of my past,

A sigh in the darkness of my room,

I am back: My eyes close, peace at last.

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