Common Types of Delusions

Common Types of Delusions

Ideas of reference

A person may believe he/she is receiving special messages from the TV, radio, or music. Alternatively, he/she may believe that colors, words, or other things in the environment have special meaning just for he/her.


A person may believe that friends, family, government agencies, or others are trying to bother him/her or harm him/her even when it is not true.

Thought broadcasting

A person may believe that other people can hear or read his/her thoughts.

Thought insertion

A person may have thoughts that feel foreign to him/her and seem as if they have been inserted by an outside force or person.

Grandiose/religious delusions

A person may develop a belief that he/she has a supernatural power, is famous, or that he/she is the messiah or a chosen person with a special mission.

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