Valhalla (“Hall of the Slain”; Old Norse Valhöll): Odin’s dwelling in Ásgarðr and the paradise of warriors. One cannot enter it if death came as a result of illness or old age. Armor lies strewn about on the benches. The roof is made of spears and shields. Atop it is where the goat Heiðrún stands; she chews on the leaves of Læraðr (Yggdrasill), and from her udders comes the mead that the valkyries serve to the einherjar.

Near her is the stag Eikþyrnir (“Oak-thorny”) who munches on the branches of the tree; moisture flows from his antlers. Valhalla has 540 doors. Each day the warriors emerge from them to fight each other in the courtyard for amusement, and they return to the hall when the signal for dinner has sounded. The cook, Andhrímnir, then serves them the meat of the boar Sæhrímnir. On the day of Ragnarök the warriors will leave Valhalla to confront the forces of chaos.

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