Faerie Glamour

Glamour is an archaic word for the magic of the Fae. Glamour can make curious onlookers see what they wish that person to see or not see what they do not wish that person to see with this ability. It can also hide the true whereabouts of a faery, so one could say it’s a survival skill in addition to being magical. So, when someones says, “Looks can be deceiving.” You may want to make a important mental note of that.

Glamour is a Fae-wide ability, how the ability is used is up to the individual. However in most cases, Fae use the ability to modify their appearance with glamour i.e. eye color, hair color, and shapeshifting to appear as animals or other creatures. Even so, please do not think that every faery is wearing nothing but glamour to hide their hideous faces and bodies. Simply not true. Plenty of fae are naturally ravishing people, and there are plenty of fae who are much less attractive.

Faerie glamour, than any other means of alteration is being-specific. Some people wonder about if glamour is more of an hypnosis effect. Well no, that’s not something tied to glamour specifically. When using glamour no one is really being hypnotized to the point where the person can’t look away, because the person most certainly can. It more eye-trickery and confusion than anything. It’s to hinder the person from seeing what is true. Fae really do not put on that much glamour as people would like to think. So, think about that before you can look right through the disguise and paint us ugly or all beautiful.

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