Where are the aliens?

Where are the aliens from space?

My guess is that they exist. But if they can reach us from the stars, they are a Type II or III civilization and are thousands of years ahead of us. So we have nothing to offer them. After all, if we meet chipmunks in the forest, do we want to talk to them? Maybe at first. But we quickly get bored because they don’t talk back. In the same way, they would get bored talking to us. They would also not want to plunder us. There are plenty of uninhabited planets to plunder so they would leave us alone. Unless, of course, we get in their way.

On this Kardashev scale, a type I might resemble the world of Flash Gordon. A type II civilization might resemble Star Trek. A type III civilization might resemble Star Wars. With an exponential growth in energy, one can also compute when we might attain these cosmic milestones.

What might an alien civilization look like, ranked by energy? A type I civilization would control the output of an entire planet. A type II would control a star’s energy. A type III would control the output of an entire galaxy.

What are we on this cosmic scale?

Type 0.

~ Dr. Michio Kaku, American theoretical physicist, futurist, and popularizer of science. He is a professor of theoretical physics in the City College of New York and CUNY Graduate Center.

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