People will disagree with me, but hands down best politician in history and it’s not even close:

~ He squared off against Caesar and was friends with young Brutus.

~ He advised the legendary Pompey on his somewhat botched transition from military hero to politician.

~ He lambasted Mark Antony and was master of the smear campaign, as feared for his wit as he was for exposing his opponents’ sexual peccadilloes.

~ Brilliant, voluble, cranky, a genius of political manipulation but also a true patriot and idealist, Cicero was Rome’s most feared politician, one of the greatest lawyers and statesmen of all times.

~ Machiavelli, Queen Elizabeth, John Adams and Winston Churchill all studied his example.

If you haven’t read any of his books I’d suggest reading his book: “Orations” and then one or more of “Tusculan Disputations” or “On the Commonwealth and On the Laws” or “On Moral Ends” or “The Nature of the Gods.”


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