Fish Profile: Flounder

Description: Flounder are the most important flatfish family. Their Latin name, Pleuronectidae, means “sideswimmer” because they start out as round fish, but as they mature and become bottom-dwellers, one eye migrates to the same side of the head as the other eye and the fish actually swim on their sides.

Fish Characteristics: Market size is 1 to 5 pounds, according to species. Flounder are known for their fine, tender, yet firm texture and have delicate, sweet flavor.

How to Choose: Some processors used tripolyphosphates to increase moisture levels and extend the shelf life of frozen, defrosted flounder fillets. This also adds water weight to the fish. If the fillets are abnormally wet or overly inexpensive they may have been treated.

Common Flavor Combinations: Bell pepper, butter, chervil, chives, cream, dill, fennel, gruyère cheese, lemon, mint, mushroom, parmesan cheese, parsley, shallot, spinach, tarragon, tomato, white vermouth, white wine, zucchini.

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