Cookbook Review: Odd Bits


Originally published in 2013:
Chef Jennifer McLagan is an amazing cookbook author.  She is the author of Bones : Recipes, History and Lore, Fat : An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, and Odd Bits : How to Cook the Rest of the Animal.  She now has a new TV show of the same name, Odd Bits.  Below is a preview and clip from the show.  I am so looking forward to seeing the show.  I love the concept and a real cooking show.

When Odd Bits came out in 2012 she did a series of interviews including the one below.  It is a treat to have not only chefs and authors, but everyday eaters and cooks bridging the gap to eatting offal.  Starting with something not too foreign to your palate like lamb shank, then moving on to beef cheek, then to maybe sweetbreads of calf’s liver and before you know it trying brain ravioli, etc…

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