Psilocybin, like mescaline, is extracted from a plant. Psilocybin is extracted from Psilocybe mexicana, a small mushroom that grows in wet or marshy pastures. Other species of mushrooms which have psychedelic qualities are: Conocybe siliginoides, Psilocybe aztecorum, P. zapotecorum, P. caerulescens, and Stropharia cubenis.

Psilocybin, like peyote, was and is still used to a small degree in the religious rites of the Mexican Indians. It was referred to as teonanactl, or in English as God’s flesh. The Indians usually eat between 10 and 15 mushrooms, which, like peyote, have a very unpleasant acrid smell. Usually nausea follows ingestion. The effects of psilocybin last for about five to seven hours.

When you take the actual raw mushrooms, the dosage is about 10 to 20 medium-sized buttons. A faster method of ingestion is to prepare a soup, using any regular mushroom soup recipe. Although this tends to increase the speed in which the psilocybin enters the blood stream, it also increases the unpleasant taste and smell. When taking synthesized psilocybin, usually a capsule of between 20 and 60 milligrams will produce a four- to six-hour trip.

Sources: The Anarchist Cookbook,

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