The word, Alukah, literally means “horse-leech,” which is a type of leech that has many teeth and feed on the throats of animals. But, some Biblical Scholars believe ‘Alukah’ can also mean “blood-lusting monster.”

Alukah is a Hebrew vampire that was first referenced in Proverbs 30:15 in the Bible. Solomon refers to a female demon named “Alukah” in a riddle he tells in Proverbs. The riddle involves Alukah’s ability to curse a womb bearing seed.

Historically, Alukah has been closely associated with Lilith. Some believe that Alukah is the direct descendant of Lilith, whereas others think that the name Alukah may merely be another title for Lilith.

The most detailed description of Alukah appears in Sefer Chasidim, where the creature is said to be a living human being that can shape-change into a wolf. Alukah can fly by releasing her long hair. Alukah would eventually die if she is prevented from feeding on blood for a long enough time.

To prevent a vampire from becoming a demon, she needs to be buried with her mouth stuffed with earth.

Vampires vary throughout Jewish traditions in history. Sometimes they are demonic spirits and other times they are described as a type of witch.

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