A dhampir (dhampyre, dhamphir, dhampyr) is the child of a vampire and human, as told in Balkan folklore.

It was believed that male vampires returned to have intercourse with his living wife or with another woman that he had an attraction to when he was living. In some legions, male vampires would deflower virgin girls.

According to Albanian legend, a dhampir has untamed dark or black hair and a lack of a shadow. In Bulgarian lore, a dhampir may be “very dirty,” have a soft body, no nails or bones, a deep mark on the back like a tail, pronounced nose, a large nose and larger than normal eyes and teeth.

A dhampir has similar powers to a vampire, but he doesn’t have the typical weaknesses. The dhampir’s skills may include:

• Sense a supernatural creature is within a specified distance

• Develop visions that provide guidance as well as intimacy with the vampire

• Acute sense of sight and hearing

• Regenerating healing abilities

• Walk in sunlight

• Eat like a human

• Procreate and pass powers to offspring

• Control animals

• Achieve a mental edge that borders on psychosis

• Destroy vampires

Dhampirs are often quite stubborn, driven and charismatic. Drinking blood at least once a week can enhance the dhampir’s powers.

Many dhampirs tend to die at birth, but those who live to adulthood will often reject their vampiric heritage. They must train hard to increase their speed, stamina and strength, but will often hunt vampires and other mythical beings.

A dhampir may kill a vampire by shooting it with a bullet, transfixing it with a hawthorn stake or performing a ceremony that involves touching crowns of lead into the vampire’s grave. If the dhampir cannot kill the vampire, he can command it to leave the area.

Dhampirs can be hard to kill, but a witch can cast a spell that causes aneurysms that cause the blood vessels to explode. Decapitation and removing the hear can also kill a dhampir.

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