Lamashtu (also referred to as Lamastu or Dimme) was a demon goddess in Sumeria and Acadia.

Lamashtu was often described to have a hairy body, the head of a lion, donkey teeth and ears, long fingers and fingernails, and sharp bird-like talons for feet. She was often seen standing or kneeling on a donkey while nursing a pig and a dog and holding snakes.

It is said that Lamashtu crept into homes at night to kill babies in their cribs or in the womb, becoming the cause for sudden infant death syndrome and miscarriages.

In Mesopotamian mythology, she menaced with women during childbirth and kidnapped babies while breastfeeding. It’s said that she would allow the babies to nurse on her and suckle her toxic milk, causing the baby to die.

Lamashtu was also the cause of many deaths and evil deeds among humans.

• Slaughtered mothers.

• Dined on the flesh and blood of men.

• Poisoned water with diseases.

• Killed plants.

• Caused tetanus and fever.

• Caused sterility in adults.

• Evoked nightmares.

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