A Guide to the Faerie Realm

  1. Politeness and respect goes a long way. It could save your ass and it is really a universal skill to have.
  2. If a faery starts talking to you be sure to be polite. It will not do you any harm. Woe if you’re rude or pompous because you may find yourself in a heap of trouble.
  3. Do not purposely insult the Fae. Apologize and truly mean it– even then they might not forgive you. (Humans are the same way…)
  4. Please do not assume that all Fae know one another, or like one another.
  5. Faery food is fine it is from someone your personally trust then you do need not to be weary about what you are eating.
  6. Do offer the fae folk sweet, shiny, natural gifts. We like the shiny.
  7. Honey.
  8. Recognize your environmental/carbon footprint. Plenty of fae dedicate time and effort in helping protect the planet. You should too!
  9. According to lore it would be wise not to walk into circles of mushrooms. In Faerie they are spellbound.
  10. Circles of dark green grass, too.
  11. If you choose to befriend a faery do not carry cold iron on you. (However, iron that’s been shaped into other things, such as steel and Wrought iron is not as lethal) and they will take it offensively.
  12. Faerie time is different from Earthly time.
  13. Try to not say thank you. The fae find it disrespectful as it dilutes their act of kindness or whatever they have done for you. Say “you are most kind” or “I appreciate your help/act of kindness/fellowship” etc. as a means of gratitude.
  14. Not over or under, but in-between, is where you’ll find the blessed and unblessed unseen.
  15. Nothing in Faerie is black or white, everything is gray.
  16. Keeping the rule of number 13 in mind, do not say I’m sorry. Say “my apologies”, “pardon me”, or “I express regret”.
  17. When the fae speak they mean everything they say. The tongue holds power so be careful what you say and listen closely to them because they may be saying more than they let on.
  18. If you are so super awesome that you can get the fae to promise something they will stick to that promise even if it means them death. The phrases “a faery’s promise” and “you have my word” are very powerful. Either of these sayings mean business.
  19. Fae are masters of manipulation. They will twist your words and generally make you regret what you asked for. Do understand that manipulation is a survival skill and it honestly isn’t narrowed down to just Fae culture.
  20. You can actually contract a fae: bond between you and them where both parties have to do something for one another– be careful. Faeries are very good at finding loopholes. Ex: You say they can’t cause you any injury and then they bite you, explaining the fact that they simply chose to take injury as meaning “verbal insult” instead of “bodily harm”. Very sly.
  21. The fae are able use glamour to confuse you or mislead you if that is their goal.
  22. If you are going for walks in wooded areas and get an overwhelming feeling of not being welcome then leave immediately. The Fae there probably feel threatened by your arrival and do not want you there. Or it could be something else entirely not fae.
  23. Some areas are more prone to fae activity than others, they could be urban or wild.
  24. Branches from hawthorn trees have a protective abilities. They also lure faeries and you might be able to see them there.

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