Leanan Sidhe

The Leanan Sidhe (pronounced La-non shee) means Fairy Mistress and is a beautiful Irish solitary Fae from the Otherworld. Leanan Sidhe is often portrayed as female, but a few folklores characterizes them as male.

Leanan Sidhe often seduce and help people with creative abilities like poets, artists, or musicians. They are gorgeous and fascinating to their lovers, but entirely invisible to their lover’s friends and family.

Leanan Sidhe inspires their lovers so they can achieve prestige and success, while simultaneously draining their life and vitality until they eventually waste away.Once their lover dies,Leanan Sidhe roam about until they find another.

TheLeanan Sidhe is not always seen as evil. In fact, theLeanan Sidhe is sometimes misunderstood and it’s believed many truly care for their human lovers. They try to provide them with as much inspiration as they can offer, without draining too much of their life energy away.

Some claimLeanan Sidhe is an invention of W. B. Yeats, while they could also be a variation of older Fae mythology.

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