Osirian Mysteries

The month of Koiak (November) was the time to celebrate the Osirian Mysteries. For 3000 years, the chief sanctuaries of Osiris reenacted the epic story of Isis and Osiris. If you are familiar with this early myth, you know that Osiris was killed by his brother Seth, and hacked into fourteen pieces and thrown into the Nile. Upon learning of this dastardly deed, his wife Isis began her search for the remains of Osiris. Her grief was deep and dark and it carried her along the river for miles and miles. Wherever she found a body part, a temple was built in his name. It is thought that each temple celebrated the mysteries of Osiris in a different way depending on the body part found there. For thousands of years, these holy sites were extremely important for pilgrimage and worship…

#AncientEgypt #EgyptianMythology #Osiris #Isis #Seth

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