Lady of the Lake

A Lady of the Lake is a magical water faery and enchantress who lives in lakes and ponds to keep watch over them and maintain their purity. Their legends and mythology have spread across many cultures, and no one knows their exact origins.

In Arthurian legend, she is a mystifying faery queen who (along with three other faery queens) brings Arthur’s injured body to Avalon.

Some people believe a Lady of the Lake is a representation of the Morrìgan. Other’s believe she’s the Celtic goddess Àine or Coventina. It’s also been speculated that they descended from a mermaid.

Traunsee in Austria is said to be home to a stunning, but evil, Lady of the Lake. On moonlit nights she can be found near the waterfall. Any mortal who sees her will suffer great tragedy and sorrow. Fishermen are reported to vanish from the lakeshore and never return.

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