Leprechauns are solitary Fae and short, bearded men who wear a suit and tie and often make their homes in old churches or castles. These types of Fae love music and are talented musicians often playing a fiddle, pipe, or harp.

A leprechaun is often described as dressed entirely in green, although sometimes he wears a red coat, brown pants, and a tall hat.

He typically wears a leather apron and seems to be fixing a shoe with his small hammer and pounding away.It is this tapping that indicates his proximity, but people should avoid approaching.

It’s said that Leprechauns are always mending the shoes of trooping Faeries because they’re often worn out from so much dancing and traveling.

Sometimes called a Fairy Banker, Leprechauns have rights to massive amounts of wealth and gold that he does not part with easily. He guards his wealth zealously, does not keep it near his home, and it’s thought he uses a rainbow to indicate its location. Hence the belief you can follow a rainbow to the pot of gold.

Although in modern culture, Leprechauns are often depicted as humorous, cheerful, and friendly, this idea couldn’t be further from the legends.

Leprechauns are often cunning, self-centered, vengeful, and love isolation. They are just as likely to play a nasty trick on an unsuspecting human as they are to provide help or kindness.

Leprechauns were commonly appeased by local households due to their antagonistic behavior and animosity toward people. Dairy, bread, tobacco, and alcohol were frequently left outside doorsteps, and refusing to do so would invite havoc on the families, homes, and land.

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